Holby City: Another bad week for Maria

maria-donna-holbyThis week Maria had the surgery that could either kill or cure her. Surprisingly, Holby does not have the top spinal surgeon in the country, so they flew him in. He was one of those arrogant types, and the anaesthetist took an instant dislike to him. But hey, if he’s the right man to get Maria walking again, we can put up with him.

Sadly, he was “doing a Nick Jordan” by trying to work when he wasn’t medically fit – in this case because of epilepsy. Poor Maria’s innards ended up looking like a steak and kidney pie, but thanks to Ric Griffin she survived. Whether she’ll walk again, or even poo via the natural route, we shall have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Chrissie had to tell young Dr Valentine that she was expecting his baby when she came over all funny and had to take to a side room. Sadly she had a miscarriage, and Young Dr Valentine proved that (I’m being kind here) he isn’t quite ready for the demands of fatherhood, as he congratulated himself and Daisha on having lucky escapes from the world of nappy rash and nurseries. Daisha (whose child Little Joseph is being brought up by her sister in the Philippines) wasn’t best pleased.

His sister, Dr Miss Valentine, was doing better this week as she convinced a worried patient to go ahead with a heart transplant, and did a load of admin for Connie, all in the same shift. Connie and Elliott are very pleased with her – the flip side of that particular coin of course being that Jac now hates her.

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