Holby City: Joseph fails to punch Linden… again

holby-josephYou have to admire Joseph Byrne’s restraint (apart from when it comes to having drunk one night stands with Jac). A less Zen sort of man would have punched Linden’s lights out several times over for canoodling with Faye on the day she became Mrs Byrne. Instead, in tonight’s episode Faye’s disabled son Archie had a medical crisis, which only served to make Joseph more devoted to her. We left them keeping vigil by the boy’s bedside, a sleeping Faye encircled by Joseph’s protective arm. Oh lucky Patsy  Kensit.

Elsewhere, Maria was given a grim choice between a life in a wheelchair or an operation that could either make her walk again or kill her. She opted for the surgery. Next week her life will be in Ric Griffin’s hands once again. Let’s hope he’s not too distracted by the news (via Dr Penny Valentine) that it was Jac who went to the press about the abysmal failure of his zero tolerance policy. Expect all kinds of sh** to hit hospital fans next week.

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