Casualty: Psychedelic counselling

casualtyIt’s not been an easy start for the latest batch of newbies on Casualty, but they should have known that it never is. Typically you will get in a slanging match on your first day by parking in an ambulance bay, and/or you will kill someone on your first shift.

For these three (from left to right, the cocky Scottish one with parental abandonment issues, the underconfident pretty one and the borderline autistic super-smart one with a crush on the pretty one) it was an extremely stressful first day when their fellow F2 was killed in the line of duty by falling down a burning shaft. In the olden days, Duffy would have given them a firm-yet-fair talking to and Oscar winner Brenda Fricker would have made them a nice cup of tea, and all would be well. But this is 2009, so they were sent to the staff counsellor – you remember him, the one Toby accused of sexually harassing him. Toby fans will have been delighted to see the man himself, now a GP and “the man who changes the lightbulbs” for the counsellor. I’ve never heard it called that before, I have to say.

The scenes in the shrink’s office were filmed with an odd lens that put fuzzy edges around everybody. Arty! Perhaps it was meant to convey the inner turmoil of the confuzzled characters as each of them struggled with a stereotypical medical student demon. Eventually they were threatened with a pep talk from Charlie, but possibly the most upcheering thing was when the pretty underconfident one (I will learn her name eventually) pulled back a cubicle curtain to reveal Dr Ruth Winters locking lips with lovely Staff Nurse Faldren. If a tortured soul like Ruth can put her problems behind her and get frivolous in work time, there’s hope for us all.

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