Holby City: Maria takes it lying down

phoebe-thomas-holbyPhoebe Thomas, playing lovely ginger Nurse Maria, spent the entire last episode of Holby City horizontal. No, it hadn’t been a heavy night at “the bar” (the one they all go to, although it’s never full and no-one from Casualty ever goes even though they officially work in the same building). “The bar” hasn’t been such a draw for Maria and Donna since Maddy died.

Poor Maria had been involved in a hit and run accident, and as a result she spent half of the episode lying on a bed with a plastic tube in her mouth surrounded by actors crying about what a great mate she was and how Ric Griffin mustnt let her die. The other half she spent lying on an operating table, her midsection covered in fake gore and what looked like a plastic squid, surrounded by Ric Griffin and Michael Spence competing over who wasn’t going to let her die.

Meanwhile Dr Olly Valentine tried to protect Daisha from the knowledge that she was looking after the woman who ran Maria over. Obviously Daisha found out, and she was cross with him, but not so cross that she didn’t agree to finish the programme by joining him at “the bar.” Chrissie is going to be ropeable when she finds out.

And Joseph was all stressed out about Faye and Linden, and got quite cross with Linden at one point, which was rather magnificent to watch.

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