Who killed Robin Hood?

richard-armitageIt was Isabella and her poisoned pointy knife, surely?

Well, Isabella might have killed off Robin-the-person, but it looks as though falling ratings killed off Robin-the-series. I did wonder, when we saw the lead character’s demise on Saturday, whether the show might be able to carry on, with Archer installed as the new leader of the Merry Men. A bit like Taggart, which carried on regardless after the man who played Taggart died. No-one minded a Taggartless Taggart, so we’d probably have accepted a Robinless Robin Hood. It’s not like the programme was ever a beacon of historical accuracy anyway.

For me, I could have happily done without Jonas Armstrong and his little, Phil Mitchell-like button nose. Harder to bear would have been the lack of Guy of Gisborne, in all his black leather, dark eyeshadow, tortured soul glory.

Falling ratings have been blamed on the decision to get rid of the show, but I bet the absence of Keith Allen’s Sheriff and the conversion of Guy from Bad Man to Merry Man during this series had a lot to do with that. Every hero needs a decent baddie to fight.

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  1. I definitely agree with you. They made the right decision, a RH4 without Guy/Richard would have got even lower ratings! I also wrote about Gisborne in my blog. I’m going to miss him so much!
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