Big Brother: We all Sree-m for ice cream

sree-big-brotherSree Dasari is really no advert for Hatfield Poly, is he? Watching his dopey face struggle to remember three simple instructions in the ice cream task was just pitiful. A future career at Burger King would seem to be beyond his intellectual scope. Meanwhile he’s proved himself to be a cheat and a liar in his little running race with Siavash. I wonder if his seat of learning is regretting choosing him as the next president of the students’ union? Looks like he’ll be able to explain himself to them very soon, because he will most likely be taking the short ride home from Borehamwood to Hatfield tomorrow.

Elsewhere in the Big Brother house, Halfwit, Karly and Rodrigo had to learn and perform Nessun Dorma. Karly proved that she can hold a tune and learn the words, but perhaps not stick entirely to the rhythm, as by the time Rodrigo started to sing, the tune had already arrived at the bit Halfwit was due to sing [edited to add: in fairness to Karly, apparently there was a technical hitch and the housemates couldn’t hear the first part of the tune. But she was still a bit slow, I thought]. Faced with the choice of leaping in at the right musical moment, or waiting for Rodrigo to finish and running out of music entirely, Halfwit chose the former, much to Rodrigo’s annoyance. And because no-one in the house knows anything about opera, and they all hate Halfwit, he naturally got the blame for messing up. But it looks like they’ll have to put up with his smug little ways for another week at least.

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