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Robin Hood: Could everyone please stop getting killed?

robin-hoodI really should read more spoilers, then maybe I could save myself from the kind of shocks and upset I went through watching last night’s Robin Hood.

Guy of Gisborne died! Stabbed by Isabella (or was it the Sheriff? There was such a melee going on). But worse – Isabella had slashed Robin with a poisoned sword, and Robin’s hours were also numbered. Guy’s dying words were to tell Robin that at least Robin would have Marian waiting for him when he got to a better place.

And so it turned out to be. Robin said his goodbyes to the Merry Men, and made them promise to continue their fight for right. Then he wandered off, like an elephant, to die alone. And through the trees appeared a heavenly vision of Marian.

The merry men carried his body away (accompanied by a lot of sniffing and tears, both on screen and off, in my house at least). Archer pledged to join them, and off they went.

Saturdays will never be the same again.

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