Big Brother: Halfwit or Angel? You decide

halwit-angelI enjoyed the speed-nominating last night. It saved all that “ooh, I hate nominating, me,” business. As did the absence of Charlie.

I wonder how the absence of Charlie affected the outcome? I doubt he’d have voted for Halfwit, as he seems to quite like him. He’d probably have gone for Sree, and then we’d have had a three horse race this week (I think – need to check my figures) and, come Friday, Sree would have been back on the bus back to his “very good university,” Hatfield Poly.

As it is, we face the prospect of one of two of the most interesting characters in this year’s BB biting the dust.  I hope it isn’t Halfwit. His only crimes have been making a “mm mmm mmmm” noise when he eats and telling Dogface she can’t sing (she can’t). Whereas Angel has apparently been secretly making off with cider and hairbrushes, and, worse still, has been telling the other female housemates that they’re fat.

I wonder if she thinks that making Noirin insecure about her body will make her beg Angel for a bit of extra early morning physical jerks and perhaps the occasional nude swim in the pool? Otherwise knocking someone’s self esteem is hardly the surest route to winning their affection. Or maybe Angel is one of these people who has her finger on the destruct button of any relationship even before it’s started, just in case anyone gets too close to her.

Meanwhile, Marcus was spared being nominated this week by “king” Siavash. He’d pondered letting Halfwit off, but presumably knew that wouldn’t gain him any brownie points from the rest of the group, so he chose Marcus because he’d been the only one who’d passed his section of the Tudor task.

Re Marcus, as Halfwit would say, “it’s a funny one.” I obviously dislike him – he’s sexist, arrogant, belligerent, childish, blah blah blah. But he’s one of those people who makes me feel sad for him. He told Rodrigo that he always pushed himself to do well in everything, and hinted that he didn’t get much support in his early years. Seeing him struggling to play Greensleeves on the recorder, you could see how the risk of failure absolutely terrifies him. He looked like a kid who hasn’t properly prepared his homework being called up in front of the class. After his diary room stint in the Russian task, he couldn’t stop talking about his excellent achievement. Big and ugly though he is, there’s part of him that’s still a little boy wanting parental approval. Possibly more than anyone else in the BB house this year, Marcus has more personally invested in winning; he needs to be loved. He hasn’t a prayer, of course, but them’s the breaks when you sign up for BB.

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  1. faceless

    I like your style and content – and thought the same about angel being scared of getting close, so goes nasty. though it could also because she realised she had no chance and decided that Noirin deserved to be insulted for it…

    who knows!

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