Robin Hood: three brothers and a sister

richard-armitageAs the current series of Robin Hood draws to an end (last one next Saturday – WAAAAAAAHH!!), Robin finds himself with a larger family than he thought he had.  It turns out that his dad and Guy of Gisborne’s mum had a bit of a “thing.” The bit of a thing has now grown up and his name is Archer. Hence, Guy and Robin (and Isabella too) have a mutual brother.

Does this mean they’ll get all cuddly and love each other? Of course not. Robin still hates Guy for killing Marian. Guy hates Robin for being the cause of his parents’ deaths – in the episode we saw last week, in which Robin’s dad came back to tell all about Archer, we found that, as a boy, Robin was a bit of a brat. Isabella hates Guy for marrying her off to a nasty man, and everyone hates Isabella for being the Sheriff of Nottingham and being all ruthless and cheekboney and that.

Archer didn’t seem all that thrilled to discover he had all these siblings, though he did think it might come in handy to be related to the Sheriff of Nottingham – but he hasn’t met Isabella yet.

So, for now, Guy of Gisborne has become a Merry Man, though his presence hasn’t gone down well with Kate – because (a) he killed her brother and (b) he’s much better looking than she is and she was just starting to make progress with Robin.

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