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Big Brother: you rub my back, I’ll rub his back

big-brother-126There’s been a lot of grooming going on in the Big Brother house in the last couple of days.  Neck and back rubbing has been a particular favourite, and Dogface has been involved in most of it. When she’s not being rubbed (Halfwit kind of tickles her neck while pretending to talk to other people; Ciaron gave her a good old soaping down in the shower, and Sree takes any opportunity to sidle up to anyone and give them a quick stroke), she’s been the one doing the rubbing, and the person she likes to rub is Kris.

Noreen (that’s how it’s pronounced) has had a go at massaging Wolverine as well. And when people aren’t rubbing each other’s backs, they’re plucking each other’s eyebrows. I’m hoping soon they’ll run out of eyebrows to pluck and start plucking out Wolverine’s facial hair.

Meanwhile, Sophia and Halfwit are up for eviction tonight. Sophia seems to be confident it won’t be her. “The public will decide,” she declared bullishly. “If they like me, I’ll stay.”  Hello, newsflash! – they don’t like you.

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