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Casualty: A birth, two deaths and a newbie

ethan casualty(Series 28, ep.20)  New boy Dr Ethan Hardy is the kind of doctor I’d like to have. He’s one of these hot-shot diagnostic types (though the thing he had to diagnose this week was Addison’s disease, which seems to occur in medical dramas with the regularity that was once reserved for ectopic pregnancies), but he also has a lovely bedside manner. He even warms up his stethoscope before applying it to an actual human. There’s a touch of the Arthur Digby about him, but not too much, and I love Digby anyway so it’s a recommendation as far as I’m concerned.

As far as his colleagues were concerned, the only drawback to Ethan was that he kept getting messages on his phone and tended to disappear at inconvenient times. What we knew and they didn’t (until the end) was that his mother was dying, and she actually did die during the course of the episode. His brother – who sounds like an altogether less reliable sort – was with her, but we didn’t get to see him – yet.

dixie carol casualtyThe big drama of the episode revolved around Dixie’s on/off girlfriend Carol the Prison Warder. She fell over and broke her wrist – but what nobody knew was that she also had a head injury, which proved to be fatal.  Dixie was devastated, but lovely Jeff was there to give her a cuddle. He didn’t reveal his lovely teeth too much, because grinning isn’t a good look when your wife’s just lost her girlfriend.

But just in case we thought life was all doom and gloom, Charlie had a drug addict patient who gave birth to a little boy. “Guess what I’m going to call him?” she asked Charlie. “Please don’t say Charlie,” said Charlie, hoping she was going to say Charlie. “Stanley,” she said.

Next week: A new newbie, when Ethan’s brother Cal makes his debut.

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Casualty: Fletch, one of the most fertile nurses in the NHS

tess zoe sam casualty(Series 28, ep.8)  It wasn’t the easiest of shifts for Tess, bless her. Not only is she still getting over getting rid of the baby she was expecting, and splitting up with Fletch, but now she finds that Fletch is expecting another baby, with Mrs Fletch. Worse still, it was poor Tess who had to do the pregnancy test and deliver the happy news.

No wonder she was a bit distracted, and gave a man potassium instead of saline and nearly killed him. Luckily she doesn’t know about that yet, because it would just add further upset to an evening of shedding bitter tears into a lonely glass of Tesco Vin Ordinaire in front of Strictly.

Fletch knows about it, though, because he crossed her initials off the chart and added his own. He therefore faces career ruination at a time when he’s contemplating another mouth to feed. Mrs Fletch is not going to be best pleased, particularly when/if she ever finds out that he did it to save the skin of the woman he’s been having a secret affair with. What a deliciously messy situation.

sam casualtyTalking of messy, Dr Lily Chao was practising her suturing on a pig’s leg. The other staff members found this hilarious, even Charlie. I’m surprised at Charlie. He’s spent time in the wards upstairs at Holby City, so he should know that it’s standard practice up there to spend your off-duty hours in the wet lab with a sewing kit and assorted meats and fruits. Presumably they don’t let the A&E lot into their wet lab, or Dr Lily Chao hasn’t discovered it yet.

Dr Lily Chao’s bedside manner is not improving as fast as her suturing is, though. Robyn was very concerned at the way she treated a patient who’d been self harming, and alerted Charlie, who’d stopped laughing about the pig’s leg by then and had his Concerned Face on. I have to say, I do like Robyn. She’s kind and caring, and she actually seems like a real nurse.

No sign of the most beautiful teeth in the NHS this week, as Jeff had gone down with some bug or other and was at home, leaving Dixie and Iain to roam the countryside in search of car crash victims without him.

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Casualty: I predict a riot

(Series 27, Ep.43) It’s been a while since I blogged about Casualty, because I don’t manage to watch it very often. I was tempted back in after reading an interview with Oliver Coleman (Dr Tom Kent) about tonight’s episode. It all sounded dreadfully exciting – post-watershed prison riot scenes, personal danger, flames…

So I watched last week’s on iPlayer, and I was very glad I did because it set the scene for what’s going to happen tonight. And it was a thoroughly enjoyable episode.

casualty tom kentLovely Dr Tom Kent was at the prison to meet the biological father he never knew he had. Well, obviously he knew he had a biological father – he’s a doctor after all – but not this particular one.  Brian Protheroe, who played the father Peter Marshall, was excellently cast. Physically he looks a lot like an older Tom Kent, and he even has the same stillness and air of capability about him. Marshall was also like his son in that he was a caring sort of person who had a mentoring role to a younger prisoner who had Asperger’s. Unlike his son, he was in prison for killing someone.   Continue reading

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Holby City: They tried to make her go to rehab

(Series 15, ep.2)  Eddi, Luc and the “love bus” were back at Holby this week, Eddi deeming herself ready to face the temptations of the AAU drugs cupboard with Luc’s support. If only Michael hadn’t given her the keys again, all might have been well. About five minutes into the shift she was already stuffing Camoxidan down her face like it was about to be made prescription-only. Oh.

What had been kept secret from the Holby-watching world was that this was Sarah-Jane Potts’ last episode and all this Camoxidan business has been her exit storyline.  Suitably dramatic it was,too, with Eddi at last finding true love again with Luc, only to collapse on the floor of the basement (nothing good ever happens in that basement) after taking erratic doses of her favourite medication. Luc had to take drastic action. When Eddi woke up, she found herself surrounded by Luc, Michael Spence, Sacha and her brother Liam, all gazing at her more in sorrow than in anger. Seeing Liam was the jolt she needed. She didn’t want to end up like their mum, so she decided getting away from Holby was the only way to do it.  So farewell Eddi McKee, one-time Best Nurse in the Hospital and Face Puller Extraordinaire. Who will we be able to rely on now for those all-important end-of-scene reaction shots?   Continue reading


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Casualty: Dr Zoe Hanna steps up

(Series 27, Ep. 1)  Dr Zoe Hanna’s first day as Clinical Lead (Nick Jordan is taking time off to come to terms with the death of Pat Butcher… or am I getting confused?) was, predictably, not easy.

When are the city councillors of Holby going to realise that it’s the most dangerous place on earth and outlaw any public gatherings such as football matches, political demonstrations and queues at the chip shop? They recklessly permitted a rock festival on Holby soil this week, and naturally it ended in tears and quite an amount of gore. Even Dr Tom Kent managed to get slightly injured when heroically rescuing paramedic Tamzin from a hideous crush situation (crush as in trampled underfoot, as opposed to crush on Dr Tom Kent, though she does have one on him now and I can’t say I blame her).

Back at the ED, Dr Zoe Hanna had no sooner received the news from Hanssen (sadly unseen) that she was now in charge, than she was outside inhaling the life out of a poor defenceless cigarette. Charlie told her she’d have to give up on the frequent fag breaks now everyone was depending on her, which made her look a tiny bit like she was regretting taking the job already. And then her patient died as well, which is never good on your first day in a new job.

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Casualty: Suffering for a good cause

(Series 26, Ep.22) Holby, as a city (as opposed to Holby City as a hospital) is a dangerous place in which to live and work. At any moment your life might be turned upside down by a ghastly freak accident, a hitherto unsuspected and rare illness, or a relative with one or more of the above. And these things will happen to you chiefly so they can give the staff of Holby City (the hospital) a deeper insight into whatever moral and emotional dilemma may be bothering them at the time. It’s a comfort, I suppose, to know that you haven’t suffered for nothing.

This week, Lush Linda was feeling a bit upset about giving her sister’s kids into the care of social services for their own good. Well, she couldn’t cope with them – marker penned insults are a beast to shift from the back of your uniform and it doesn’t look good on your CV when your family members keep borrowing babies from your workplace. It’s not like Linda hadn’t given the parenting thing a good go – she’d struggled with it for a whole episode before she made her decision. Lenny wasn’t convinced. Having been brought up in the care system himself, he wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Charlie, however, felt that Linda had made the best decision for the kids. Possibly he’s sampled Linda’s cooking and Lenny hasn’t.

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Casualty: Ready for anything

(Series 26, Ep.17) A cracker of a first episode in the new Cardiff-based location. Extra long and complete with car crashes, explosions, poison gas, Tess in peril, a handsome new doctor and some fabulous work by Dr Sam Nicholls. I didn’t even have time to miss Dr Ruth Winters and Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren.

We began with our favourite emergency medics literally unwrapping their shiny new department, the previous one having been ravaged by fire. The new version is slick, shiny  (or it was at the start), and more closely resembles the wards of Holby City. The staff were just there to unwrap stuff and make sure it was working, find out where the toilets were, get the CT scanner up and running, that sort of thing. But when there was a multi vehicle car crash nearby, Nick Jordan wasted no time in declaring Holby A&E open for business. “Ready for anything,” he declared. Would he still have made that call if he’d known about the ensuing explosion and chemical leak on a nearby housing estate? Probably not, and he did go a little bit wobbly in the new Peace Garden. “Why do we need a Peace Garden?” he asked Charlie, who was sitting out there contemplating the peace and quiet. Charlie speculated it was probably so people had somewhere to go to contemplate the peace and quiet. Or to smoke. And, if the Linden Cullen Memorial Garden is anything to go by, it’ll also turn out to be a good spot for staff members to be attacked and/or poisoned. Anyway, Charlie gave Nick the small pep talk he needed – Charlie really is your go-to guy for a pep talk – and Nick headed back indoors ready to sort out the carnage.  Continue reading


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